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The Insurance Gap: Why the Wealthy are Underinsured

The Insurance Gap: Why the Wealthy are Underinsured discusses the amount of property and casualty insurance, as well as excess liability coverage, held by wealthy households.  It highlights for financial advisors of all types the need to ensure that wealthy households truly understand the risks to their overall financial health for failure to properly insure.

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High Income Millennials

What’s next for Millennials? As this generation ages, their financial attitudes and behaviors will shape investing and economics for decades to come, so understanding the forces which influence their decisions benefits professionals who work with this new set of investors.

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Legacy 2.0: Baby Boomers and Inheritances

The second edition in Spectrem’s Legacy series will focus on affluent Baby Boomers planning their own wealth transfer and the mindset they had upon receiving an inheritance from their parents or others earlier in their life.

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Media Influences on Investors

Media Influences on Investors, a new Spectrem Group whitepaper, takes a look at the various sources investors use for news on investment products and the stock market. 


How do today's investors make sense of the day’s economic events in order to make wise and fortuitous investment decisions? And how do they choose media sites and spokespeople whom they believe is offering them the best and most truthful information?

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