Wealth Market Reports

 Financial Behaviors and the Investor's Mindset - 2017 UHNW Investor

The attitudes, behaviors and concerns of the Ultra High Net Worth Investor (those with $5 million to $25 million of investable assets, not including their primary residence) are discussed in this report.  Topics include: personal and national concerns, retirement planning and concerns, federal tax brackets and household income, and much more.

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2017 Market Insights Report

Published annually since 2004, Spectrem Market Insights Report provides an overview of the Affluent Market with key market research findings and critical insights on

  • Affluent market size by wealth level ($100K+, $1MM+, $25MM+)
  • Distribution of assets by wealth level
  • Summary of Spectrem’s Affluent Investor Indices
  • Investor Demographics
  • The $25 Million Plus Investor
  • Professional Advisor Usage
  • Financial Wellness in Retirement
  • Senior Corporate Executives
  • Robo-Advisors

Affluent Market Insights provides managers and decision-makers tools which can help shape a firm’s vision and aid in the determination of where to spend development dollars.  It is an indispensable tool profiling the state of the market and how investor demographics, preferences and behaviors have changed in a world economic environment where markets are volatile and uncertainty prevails.  


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Wealthy Investors' Usage of 529 Plans

For many investors, the moment a child is born, thoughts about funding that child’s college education come to mind. However, for many Americans, the cost of attending college can be daunting.  For some even prohibitive. Parents from all walks of life save money from the day their child is born in order to pay for the seemingly exorbitant cost of a college education.

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Wealthy Investors and Their Perceptions of Robo-Advisors

What is the best way to sell to and service investors who are looking for more technology-based advisor services than full-service advisors?  What types of investors prefer robo-advisors versus human advisors?  This report answers all these questions and more. 

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Financial Wellness In Retirement

Almost half of households with less than $1 million of net worth are worried about having enough assets to live through retirement.  Retiring successfully is important to millions of Americans. But achieving this goal seems overwhelming to most investors.

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