Wealth Market Reports

Get Up to Speed With Investors in Information Technology

When people hear the initials “I.T.”, they don’t immediately think of the words they represent – which are “Information Technology”. Instead, they think of the person (usually a man) who is called when something goes wrong with the computer system at work.


However, Information Technology includes all of those people who run the companies that produce the computers and the software that supports those computers, as well as the thousands of very successful corporate executives and managers who run social media firms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others.  

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2017 Comprehensive Personal Trust Update

Spectrem's annual trust report reviews the growth of the trust industry, including the number of trust assets and accounts held by major financial institutions.  It reviews the growth and usage of collective investment funds as well as amount of assets managed by institutional trustees. New this year - state trust assets as reported by each state! 

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Mass Affluent Investors 2017 - Using Social Media and Mobile Technology in Financial Decisions

This study examines investors with $100,000 - $1 million in net worth (not including their primary residence) - the Mass Affluent Investors.   How do these wealthy investors use social media and mobile technology?  Do they utilize these platforms for gathering financial information, or to perform financial transactions?   Do they wish to communicate via social media or mobile technology with their advisor? 

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Successfully Growing Your Business With Wealthy Women

Are You Up-to-Date on Your Knowledge of Wealthy Women Investors?

Wealthy female investors are a key target client for providers and advisors. Developing appropriate solutions and services requires insights that advisors and providers need to be aware of in order to attract and service these women investors successfully.  

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Get Schooled on Educators

Teachers are in a class by themselves. “Teaching,” the old saying goes, “We’re not in it for the income. We’re in it for the outcome.” Financial advisors can provide invaluable assistance to teachers in obtaining the greatest financial outcome from that income.

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Professional Profile Series

Professionals undergo years of schooling and tens of thousands hours of rigorous training and testing to attain their expertise.  But being an expert in medicine, law or accounting does not necessarily correlate to being an expert in financial planning and investing.  For these services, Professionals turn to those in that specialty - financial advisors.  They expect their financial advisors to be as knowledgeable about investing and financial planning as they are in their own area of expertise. 

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The Legacy: How Investors are Impacted by Inheritance

For many households, receiving an inheritance is a tipping point on whether to engage a financial advisor.  With this influx of money comes questions, concerns and opportunities for which investors may seek the expertise of a financial professional.  

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