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President's Blog - Why Should Someone Hire You?

 New investor-advisor relationships begin every day. Whether it is through a referral or an advertisement or a seminar appearance, advisors attract investors and get them to agree to work together to protect and increase their financial portfolio.

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Risk Vs. Reward

 Any time an investor invests in a product or investment vehicle and they are not guaranteed a return, the investment falls under the category of “risky”.

There are investors who only invest if they are guaranteed a rate of return. They are investing without risk but also without hope of significant financial growth. Treasury bills and certificates of deposit offer small interest rates but they are guaranteed to increase the principal investment slightly over time.

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Where Will Federal Reserve Rate End Up?

 On March 16, the Federal Reserve raised the benchmark interest rate to a target range of 0.75-1.0 percent, and chairman Janet Yellen made it sound like more interest rate increases were on the way this year, assuming the economy continues to grow at the slow pace it has moved in recent years.

Rates can be increased at the Fed’s quarterly meetings, but rates are rarely increased more than a quarter point at a time. Still, investors and advisors discuss options and make plans based on the likelihood of further increases in the benchmark rate.

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Retirement Attitudes as a Harbinger

 Advisors can tell a great deal about the current investment market by asking investors how they feel about their retirement finances.

The better investments and the stock market are running in the present tense, the better investors look at things in the future. An optimistic today makes for an optimistic tomorrow.

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International Relations Loom Over International Investments

 The globalization of the American economy in recent years has opened up a whole new world of investment opportunities that wise advisors employ to diversify their client’s portfolios.

Whether it is in direct investment in firms from foreign companies or investment in international mutual funds, investors making forays into investment markets outside U.S. borders have myriad choices and require the expertise of knowledgeable advisors to make sure their foreign investment dollars are properly invested.

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President's Blog - Occupational Influences on Investing

Wealth level is an obvious influence on investing decisions. The wealthier the investor, the more likely that person is to have a sizable investment portfolio.

Age is an obvious influence on investing decisions. Investors nearing retirement age make entirely different investment decisions than do investors for whom retirement is a quarter-century away.

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Millennial Millionaires Make Their Mark

The frequently criticized Millennial generation has its fair share of Millionaires today, and they are as important as investors as those who are from the Gen X, Baby Boomer or World War II generations. Although they are less likely than older investors to use advisors, those who do hire professional help present unique personas to their advisors.

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Betting on the Dow Jones

Spectrem’s Investor’s Pulse decided to put the question to affluent investors, asking them where they believe the Dow Jones will stand at the end of 2017. Investors were invited to place their final projected 2017 number between below 17,000 on the low end to above 25,000 on the high end.

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