Articles for Advisors

Stay or Go?

 Many professional relationships tend to be long-term. People stay with the same primary physician as long as they can, they remain with their family attorney through thick and thin, they turn their tax information over to the same accountant year after year.

The same level of retention does not extend, necessarily, to the relationship between an affluent investor and a financial advisor.

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The First 100 Days - From an Investor's Standpoint

 A four-year presidential term runs 1,461 days (that includes Leap Day). While a single day may seem to last forever, a period of four years can likewise seem to just fly by.

When a new U.S. president is elected, it is customary for pundits and political observers to watch how the leader executes his campaign promises and job requirements in the first 100 days, which represents 7 percent of the president’s term in office.

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Getting to Know the Female Business Owner

There are numerous factors in the background of an investor that play a role in the investment choices he or she makes. Those factors include age, wealth level, occupation and gender.

When two or more of those factors get combined, a specific type of investor can be described.

Spectrem’s study Serving Business Owners tells advisors what to expect from investors who own all or part of a business that is the primary source of their income.

But a deeper dig into the research in the report explains what advisors can expect when they work with a female business owner.

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The Key Word is

Investors primarily use the services of financial advisors in order to protect and increase their personal net worth. Because of that, advisors concentrate on investment performance and growth options in their dealings with most clients.


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Approaching Retirement

The question is “When are you going to retire?”

The answer is “As soon as possible.”

The follow-up request is “Define ‘as soon as possible’”?

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Health Care Issues Concern Investors

The inevitable in life, so they say, are death and taxes.

Apparently, you can add “increased health care costs’ to the list.

Despite endless promises from politicians over decades to cut into the cost of health care, investors still expect to see the costs rise in the coming year.

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How Do Investors Find Out About Robo-Advisors?

Simply put, investors are going to find the robo-services, and since they have such a wide choice of options, they are likely to look around for the service that offers the most options and the lower rates. Advisors aligned with companies that offer robo-advisors must determine the best way to sell the automated service while letting investors know that there is a human advisor available as well. 

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So, What Do You Do For a Living?

When you are meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to ask the question “So, what do you do for a living?”

When advisors ask the question of prospects, it takes on immediate and significant meaning.

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