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President's Blog - The Tool That Opens Conversations

 “Don’t talk to strangers?”

That is the advice parents give their children, and like many other authoritative demands, it requires some context. After all, isn’t everyone a stranger until you talk to them, or at least have some sort of introduction?

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Accountants as Investors

 For accountants, money is their livelihood.  

That’s not to suggest that money means more to accountants than it does to other people, but accountants would not be accountants if money did not exist.

Because of their professional expertise, it makes sense that accountants would pay close attention to their own money, and would be very involved in the investment process related to that money.

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When Millionaires Spend Their Money

Spectrem’s annual study on asset allocation among affluent investors looks at how investors invest their funds. It examines their current portfolio, their future investment intentions, their retirement packages, their insurance ownership and security products such as wills and trusts.

But, included in the asset allocation of Millionaire investors is their normal expenditures on clothing, automobiles, entertainment and vacation. Examining those expenditures is revealing when affluent investors are segmented by age and wealth.

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The Advisor-Accountant Relationship

The relationship between a financial advisor and a client who happens to be an accountant includes issues which simply don’t come up when an advisor meets with someone who is, say, a physician. Doctors know what they know, which is not the same thing as what financial advisors know.

Accountants, on the other hand, know an awful lot about some of the things financial advisors know about. After all, many investors use an accountant as their primary financial advisor.

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Blog - No Trust In Trust

Once again growth in personal trust accounts held at national trust providers has been lackluster, following a trend that has been occurring for almost two decades.  While assets at major trust providers grew in the year ending 2015 (the most recently available government data), this is clearly due to market growth, not the influx of new assets.  This information is reflected in Spectrem’s soon to be released 2017 Personal Trust report.  So what is happening to the trust industry?  Is it still relevant?  How can it be saved?

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Senior Corporate Executives As Investors

The Senior Corporate Executives have climbed the ladder; their income and portfolios reflect a professional life of creating profits and they have been richly rewarded for doing so.

Senior Corporate Executives are also often investors, a unique brand of investor with an average to above-average knowledge of investment products and services, and a desire to see their investments succeed. Just as they do in their professional lives, Senior Corporate Executive pay attention to detail in their investing lives as well.


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What Affluent Investors Don't Like About Retirement

 Many affluent investors point to retirement as an ultimate goal, a time when they can allow the worries of life to slip away, and can live life the way it is supposed to be lived.

Unfortunately, even for affluent investors, retirement is not one continuous party. Upon leaving the workforce, new concerns do crop up, and there are some moments of struggle, even for those retirees who are financially stable.

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Separating Personal Finance From Business Finance

 Business owners, by nature, have different requirements for an advisor working with his business than he does for an advisor working with his family investments. While some business owners use the same advisor for both purposes, many do not.

There are reasons for keeping the two concerns separate, just as there are reasons for working with one advisor to satisfy both needs.

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