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What's Wrong With Right Now?

Investors reportedly want services they are not receiving. Advisors can believe all they want that they are covering all the bases, but there are holes in the services provided to affluent investors all of the time.

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Blog - Changes to Top Advisors for Millionaires by Age

Each year Spectrem Group tracks the top advisors of wealthy households, including Millionaires.  While few providers have significant market share (the highest is 10%), the top three providers have been consistent throughout the years.  This year there has been some change in the top three, however, only by a small margin.

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Getting to Know the Millionaire Millennial

How Millennials use or don’t use financial advisors is a key component of Spectrem’s annual study Advisor Relationships and Changing Advice Requirements. The exhaustive study of the balance between investors and financial advisors is in some ways most revealing when the investors in the study are segmented by age, with the Millennials standing out as the outliers of what might be regarded as “normal” investor behavior.

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The Relationship Between Retired Investors and their Advisor

 The relationship between a retired investor and their financial advisor often starts when the investor is still working. In fact, a majority of working investors believe their financial advisor relationship should last through retirement to the end of time.

There is an advantage to advisors connecting with a working investor enough to continue the relationship through retirement. The reasons are many, and make so much sense it questions why advisors don’t consider the benefits of such long-term relationships.

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President's Blog: What’s Missing From This Picture?
Ultimately, it is the investor who decides what products to purchase and what services to sign up for when discussing finances and investments with their financial advisor. 

That’s the way it should be. Investors decide. But sometimes, if their advisor does not ask the proper questions, investors do not know the full scale of decisions they can make to create the best possible financial future for themselves and their families.  

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Blog - It's Time to Dump Hard Copy!

Tips to Move Your Clients From Paper to Online

I am not a technology savvy person.  I will never be a “leader in cutting edge” improvements.  Nor am I a young person.  But despite all of these disclaimers, I have finally come to the conclusion that we need to dump paper statements.  I don’t need the clutter and the online versions are actually even easier to read.  (Besides, online saves paper…).

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Retirees Not as Optimistic as Working Investors

Retired investors are not as positive about the direction the country’s investment outlook is headed. Unlike working investors, retirees are dropping out of the stock market and more are keeping their investment strategies steady rather than increasing investments for the time being. 

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