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What Work Means to Wealthy Women

  A majority of wealthy women worked to get where they are financially, and most of them believe strongly that their decision to work full-time was the correct one for their life.

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How Wealthy Women View Retirement

Retirement is the end game for most Americans. It is a time when people end their pursuits related to their career and move on to a part of life that usually includes more time for relaxation than they had during their working life.

For affluent women, retirement may have a different meaning, because many of them worked at two jobs during their time employed, the job in a career pursuit and the job of raising a family. 

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Communication with Advisors in the Modern Era

There was a time, not so very long ago, when communication from friends, family or acquaintances far away could only come via telephone. Sometimes, you even had to wait for a letter to arrive from the postal service.

That is obviously no longer the case. Today, communication can come from so many sources and with such immediacy that some people suffer psychological damage when they don’t get the feedback they want in the time frame they had in mind. As in, immediately.

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Some Investors Still Read

Nobody reads anymore.

That is the hue and cry of modern technology promoters who believe the appeal of the written world has gone the way of candles and cars that need to be cranked to start.

Of course, everything online outside of video presentations require reading, and it might be true that young people read more today than ever before simply because they never put down their smartphones and tablets. If they aren’t playing a video game or watching puppies and kittens, they are likely reading something.


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Why Advisors Need a Video Presence

Nobody reads anymore.

That outcry, which has probably been heard ever since the radio was invented, has increased in popularity thanks to the creation of social media and the internet. Video games were the first element that took kids (and some adults) away from reading, but then came the endless supply of entertaining videos that helped propel YouTube to its current status as the fifth most popular social media site in America.

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Affluent Investors and Social Media

 Almost all activities today are impacted by the existence of social media. Certainly, many forms of employment are hampered by constant social media involvement, and schools do battle daily with trying to keep students off of their phones to prevent them from accessing social media when they should be concentrating on Shakespeare or physics.
The relationship between affluent investors and their financial advisor also changed the day social media was invented. 

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Investors Anticipate Tax Reform

In late April, President Donald Trump unveiled an outline for a comprehensive federal tax reform that is designed to simplify the tax code, cut tax rates for both individuals and corporations, while also eliminating many tax benefits for individuals.

Spectrem surveyed 1,100 investors with a net worth between $100,000 and $25 million were asked to select the No. 1 priority among the suggested changes President Trump made. 


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Approaching Retirement

The question is “When are you going to retire?”

The answer is “As soon as possible.”

The follow-up request is “Define ‘as soon as possible’”?

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