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President's Blog - When Big News Strikes, What Should Advisors Do?

You want to get advisors riled up? Ask them if the stock market reacts to the news of the day.

Many of them will tell you in no uncertain terms that how the stock market reacts IS the news of the day.

That may certainly be true when the news is of a financial nature. When large corporations release their quarterly earnings statements, the stock market is where the business world turns to determine whether the data was significant.


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Doctors Diagnose Social Media

There are some occupations for which social media is a vital cog in the operation.

The medical field is not necessarily one of them.

Perhaps it is because they do not use social media much in their professional lives, doctors do not seem to have much of an appetite for social media in their financial lives either.

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Blog - Teach Your Children Well: Generational Differences in Discussing Wealth

Those of us who have achieved a certain age remember a Crosby, Stills, and Nash hit song that began “You who are on the road, must have a code, that you can live by…”
The song went on to say “Teach your children well, their father’s health, will slowly go by…” (Now, technically, the word “health” is “hell” in the song but for the past thirty years I have believed it’s “health” so I’m sticking with that.)  Anyway, what we have found after multiple years of research is that parents don’t always teach their children well, especially concerning matters regarding their own wealth and finances.  This may be changing, however, with GenX and Millennial investors.  

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What A Difference Working Status Makes

 When researching investors, Spectrem segments them by wealth, age, gender and political party to see if there are indications any of those factors weigh more heavily in investment decisions.

From the standpoint of investor confidence and outlook, one of the most telling segmentations is when investors are separated by working status.  

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When Lawyers Consider Retirement

Lawyers are trained to consider all of the possibilities of legal disputes. They explore angles, contemplate counter-arguments, and prepare for every scenario. They are not prone to rash decisions.

But they do not seem especially prepared for the last decision they will make as professionals, which is to stop working and retire.


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The Relationship Between Plan Participants and Social Media

  It is not correct to say all people use social media (no matter what your teenagers tell you). It’s not correct to say all people use the same social media.

What is correct to say is that there are trends in social media use based on financial portfolios and investor types. That includes those investors who are defined contribution plan participants, a group who skew younger, making them more likely to visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Spectrem’s Defined Contribution Participant Series study on social media use explains just how plan participants view the use of social media for financial purposes, including matters related directly to their DC plans.

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Blog - Is Your Child a Snowflake: Or When Should a Child Become Financially Independent?

In recent months the definition of “snowflake” has changed from a beautiful flake of cold and icy precipitation to a college-age child who seeks “safe spaces” away from the challenges of the real world.  In most cases, “snowflakes” are deemed to be children who have been coddled by their parents, are studying in expensive colleges, and who are protesting against the values being touted by the Trump administration or the values of their parent’s generation at the very least.  

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